The Genesis was Hyundai's only luxury car until it made Genesis its own brand. It made a splash in the luxury car market, and now is entering the SUV world with the GV80. This will be a larger SUV, and Genesis is expected to also release a smaller one this year or later next. Luxury is still the name of the game, and the unique feature of all extras included remains with this vehicle. All vehicles by Genesis come fully equipped. There is only one trim, and your only decisions are what color to get. There are two engines and rear or all-wheel drive to choose from, but the point is a fully loaded luxury vehicle. The GV80 does not disappoint there with a lot of features you would pay a lot more for in other vehicles.

The GV80 was revealed as a concept car in 2017, and that one had a hydrogen cell power train. That is not likely with the 2020 model, but it shows the forward-thinking involved with this vehicle. There will be two V6 engines to choose from, a 3.8-liter version and a 3.3-liter turbocharged model. What exactly is in the car is being kept a secret, but there are rumors of a 5.0-liter V8 that could be an option. The GV80 is a crossover type SUV, with two rows of seats and a fair amount of storage space in the back. One unique feature is that each of the four seats has individual heating and cooling settings, as well as entertainment options.

Inside the luxury continues just as it does on all Genesis models. The dash has a 22-inch wide display for the infotainment center, and for viewing various car functions. It is a touch screen system, and there is a touch screen capability on the cluster of instruments in front of the driver. Seats are made of leather and there is ash wood trim on the dash and around the cabin. It has a hand-crafted appearance inside and the focus is on luxury from end to end. Outside there is almost a sporty look, with LED headlights, a big triangular grille, and wheels with a spoke appearance. It has an athletic type stance for a big car, which gives it plenty of visual appeal. It should ride on the same platform as the G80 and have similar design features.

The Genesis makes its mark on safety by providing a lot of features as standard equipment. This will include automatic emergency braking, detection of pedestrians front and back, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assistance. Since this is a new car, not even released yet, there is not much available as far as crash test results, but Genesis has a reputation for solid and safe automobiles.

There are no official prices out yet, but experts expect it to be in the price range of similar vehicles. Expect to see the GV80 between $65,000 and $70,000. Genesis is offering 1.9 percent interest on financing, and there are some lease programs at about $400 per month. Genesis also has some discounts for previous Genesis owners, as well as some competitor owner cars. Genesis cars are often a little more expensive than similar luxury cars, but you get a lot of standard features that cost more on the other cars, so you could end up spending less with this vehicle.