The all-new Lincoln Aviator is here! The 2020 Lincoln Aviator provides top-of-the-line amenities for premium sport utility vehicle fans. It also carries a premium price tag for the base model at $51,100 on up but provides plenty of upgrades for the money. Performance also takes a step up with refined tuning under the hood. Standard features include high-tech infotainment options and other amenities perfect for long car rides while incorporating a plethora of standard safety features for streamlining the commute. Looking for the best of the best? The sky is the limit - literally - with the Black Label Flight trim available on the Aviator. Read on to learn more.

Standard on the Lincoln Aviator is a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine. Starting at the Reserve model, Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 Plus provides a full range of driver-assist features, and easily accessed drive modes provide a tailored ride with the turn of the dial. The standard model also features traditional Co-Pilot 360 features. Different models provide access to either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive based on trim options. For those willing to upgrade to the Black Label Grand Touring Aviator, a hybrid 3.0L engine is introduced along with a modular hybrid 10-speed transmission and an advanced electrified powertrain. The rechargeable electric hybrid powertrain first becomes an option in the mid-trim package, the Grand Touring Aviator.

The interior of the Aviator ranges from luxurious to even more luxurious across the five major trims available. The Black Label Flight package capitalizes on the Aviator name by providing a trim package with a cockpit ethos. Car controls mirror the dials required by flight. In various packages, premium leather and suede combine with wood trims and aluminum appliques to stir the senses. Seating for seven means the extended family can enjoy a road trip or a comfortable drive to the next ball game. Infotainment options will keep everyone entertained on the highway while the driver enjoys increased access to standard navigation apps, weather and alternative music options. The Aviator can also pair with Alexa to help drivers navigate other tasks on the road.

Standard safety features include many options that are upgrades on other SUV models. Forward collision warnings, rear traffic warnings and lane departure warning are all standard. The car also provides pedestrian detection and a rearview camera as well as automatic emergency braking. Technology will also help drivers stay in their lane and know when someone else is approaching from the side via blind spot warnings. Traffic assist can also help drivers safely navigate gridlock. As of September 2019, crash test ratings for the 2020 Lincoln Aviator were not yet available.

The lowest cost Aviator starts at $51,100 with standard features while the deluxe Black Label Aviator with a flight package starts at $77,695. Reserve models start at $56,190 while a Grand Touring model is $68,800 before upgrades. At the highest end, the Black Label Grand Touring starts at $87,800. On the standard Aviator, a 36-month lease for 10,500 miles per year will cost $649 per month with $5,869 due at signing. Promotional financing options for the Aviator varies based on Lincoln promotions throughout the year.