Healthcare is possibly the single most important topic on the minds of senior citizens, which is why the AARP makes a range of health benefits available to its members. Thanks to the AARP, seniors can save big on medicare supplement insurance and various healthcare costs. Among the AARP's numerous member benefits are eyewear discounts, assistance with hearing aids and screenings, dental insurance, prescription drug benefits, Medicare supplemental plans and more. With help from these benefits, seniors can save money on their healthcare costs while also getting some much-needed peace of mind. Are you interested in learning more about these great benefits being offered by the American Association of Retired Persons? If so, read on for more information about AARP senior health plans and the best options for seniors.

The first of the AARP's health plans we'd like to cover is the organization's Prescription Discounts plan. Getting health coverage for prescription drugs can be difficult, and that's important considering the number of seniors who need prescription drug coverage. With this plan - which is administered by Catamaran, an OptumRx company - AARP members can get discounts on prescription drugs for themselves, their spouses and their extended families. These discounts are good for brand-name and generic drugs, and they also extend to specialty drugs. With this plan, seniors can get financial relief when the costs of their prescriptions aren't covered by Medicare Part D. More than 65,000 pharmacies throughout the United States participate in the AARP Prescription Discounts plan, making it universally useful for just about all seniors.

Next on our list is the AARP Hearing Shop, which provides assistance for seniors who need to buy hearing-assistance devices. Hearing loss is common among seniors; not only does hearing fade with old age, but people who've spent all their lives working are simply more likely to have difficulty hearing. Through the Hearing Shop - which is part of the AARP's Hearing Care Program administered by HearUSA - AARP members can get up to 15 percent off on listening devices such as clocks, smoke alarms, amplified telephones and special TVs. It's highly important for seniors at home to not miss out on doorbells, ringing telephones or other sounds that are important for everyday life. The AARP also offers free hearing tests through its closely related AARP Hearing Center Program.

Members of the AARP should also take advantage of the organization's Medicare Supplement Plan program. Medicare supplemental plans, also referred to as Medigap plans, account for healthcare expenses that aren't covered by traditional Medicare, which many seniors use as their primary health insurance. Medicare supplemental rates start as low as $74.72 per month and go up to $140.35, with the most expensive of the four plans paying for skilled nursing facility coinsurance costs and 80 percent of emergency costs while traveling abroad - a great benefit for jet-setting seniors. The AARP's Medicare supplement program is administered by UnitedHealthcare, a Pennsylvania insurance company.

Healthcare costs can be overwhelming, especially for seniors, but the AARP can help. The AARP offers all kinds of benefits for its senior members, and these health coverage programs can help seniors get more from their lives while also sleeping better at night.