Almond milk provides a nutritious and taste bud satisfying alternative to dairy products. For the lactose intolerant or those with other dairy sensitivities, the products provide a substitute while other consumers just enjoy the flavors present in the nut-based milk. Due to market competition, numerous discounts and deals are available for those who purchase almond milk. It is easy to stock up on the product during one sale or promotion and purchase enough to make it through to the next discount. These sales and deals often make it possible to make the price of a half-gallon of almond milk competitive with a half-gallon of dairy. Sometimes, the cost may even be less because dairy milk is rarely eligible for special promotions due to market regulations. Read on to learn about the best almond milk products and deals available.

Most grocery stores with an online presence will offer free, scheduled delivery of almond milk. Silk can be produced in both a refrigerated and a shelf-stable option, making it perfect for purchasing online for either solo drinks or family use. Shelf-stable containers are generally one quart in a coated wax cartons while refrigerated versions are two quarts. A variety of flavors, such as dark chocolate, vanilla and unsweetened options. Seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and eggnog are also available through Silk, making it a superior option for flavoring coffee or tea or fortifying a smoothie. Through Amazon Pantry, a 6-pack of Silk Pure Almond Vanilla quarts costs $15.88, or $2.64 per quart. This price is higher than the average $2.98 price per half-gallon for Silk Almond Milk at Wal-Mart stores, but it does provide a storable option. When stacked with coupon codes, such as percentage and dollar off grocery discounts, available at Amazon, the price can be pulled down to a level more in keeping with refrigerated prices.

Blue Diamond is a company that specializes in almond products, from canned nuts to milk. Their almond milk is a delicious and smooth option with lots of flavor in core product offerings, such as vanilla and plain almond milk options. Its consistency makes it a good add-on for thicker, healthy smoothies, and its distinct flavor can pack a punch. Unsweetened options are slightly thinner and work well in cereals. For good times, the brand also experiments with fun flavors like Horchata and Mexican Hot Chocolate. The same principle of stocking up for sales applies to Blue Diamond Unsweetened Original Almond Milk quarts in a 12-pack for $29.88 at Amazon. Savings can be applied to the packages with Subscribe and Save from Amazon. By signing up for regular delivery, customers save 5 percent, reducing the cost to $28.39. With multiple orders, including different products, the discount can be upped to 15 percent, lowering the price to $25.40. The product is also still eligible for any coupon codes or category savings offered routinely by Amazon.

So Delicious Dairy Free provides a variety of dairy alternative products, including almond milk and almond milk-based products like ice cream. The brand focuses on quality and is a superior option for preparing recipes. Smoothies are a given, but So Delicious Dairy Free also works well for oatmeal and other recipes that call for dairy. The slight nutty flavor of this smooth almond milk even adds a fun taste twist to most mixes. Amazon Subscribe and Save discounts also apply to So Delicious Dairy Free almond beverages, which are $21.74 for a six-pack of unsweetened quarts. A 5% discount lowers the cost to $20.65 while the 15% option lowers the price to $18.48. So Delicious also offers a special added 10 percent discount to new subscription customers. So Delicious does offer coupons for almond milk, but many often apply to multiple So Delicious purchases, including those for almond milk-based products like ice cream.