Dogs become part of the family, providing companionship and devotion that cannot be replaced. It is essential for for dog owners to provide their canine companions with the best possible food to ensure good health and quality of life. Veterinarians recommend that dog owners pay attention to the ingredients that are present in popular dog foods on the market by carefully reading labels. While holistic pet food is ideal, many dog owners believe that it costs too much; however, high-quality, wholesome dog food is comparable in price to lower-quality supermarket brands. These top three brands offer holistic dog food for owners who want the very best for their pets.

Dry dog food is usually the right choice for owners, as it provides premium nutrition, convenience, and affordability. Dog owners might be concerned about pet-food recalls of the recent past, but with careful consideration, owners can feel confident in choosing high-quality dry dog foods that are right for their pets. The best holistic dry dog food on the market is Orijen Adult Dog Food. While also the more expensive on our list, experts and customers both say that this dog food is worth the cost. Made with no grains, fillers, or artificial ingredients, Orijen Adult Dog Food provides very high protein and carbohydrate content through locally-sourced ingredients like range-free chicken and fresh vegetables. This dog food has never been recalled, and has received hundreds of positive reviews from dog owners.

Another dry dog food option that is a little more affordable and easier to find is Taste of the Wild High Prairie. Made with no artificial preservatives, soy, or grain, Taste of the Wild High Prairie is made with buffalo meat, chicken meal, and lamb meal. Also included are veggies, fruits, and probiotics to aid in digestion. Carbohydrates like potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes are incorporated, instead of grains with fillers. Taste of the Wild High Prairie has a solid reputation for high-quality and safe dog food at affordable prices.

Sometimes dog owners need more convenience when purchasing high-quality dog food. Kirkland Signature Lamb, Rice & Vegetable is sold at Costco and is known as the best supermarket dog food among experts and consumers. The ingredients included in Kirkland Signature Lamb, Rice & Vegetable are above average, beginning with good meat content followed by high-quality grains like barley and rice. A much better choice than supermarket dog food brands, this Kirkland dog food meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards for nutrition and has a strong reputation for safety.

Our loyal and faithful dogs deserve the very best. Providing high-quality, holistic dog food for family pets can save future heartache and vet expenses. These top three dog food brands provide the nutrition and convenience that dogs and their owners need for long and happy lives.