With the rising cost of cell phone service, many people are now turning to family phone plans in order to save significantly on their cell phone bills. Family plans are often a great way to reduce costs by putting several family members (or even friends) on one plan, which usually includes shared or unlimited talk, text and data. In some cases, family plans can be found for around $100 per month and include four lines of service. Compared to the average cost of a single line of service at around $50 or more per month, this can mean big savings for families. If you're looking to save money on your monthly cell phone bill and think a family plan might be the right option for you, keep reading to learn more about the best family phone plan deals currently available, so you can choose one that's right for you.

The first great deal to consider when looking at family phone plans is through MetroPCS, which offers four lines of service for $100 per month, and includes four free phones when you switch four lines of service to MetroPCS. Free phone options include brands such as Samsung, LG and Motorola, so you know you're getting a great smartphone at a great price (free!). Taxes and fees are included in the $100 per month, so that's really what you'll pay, and that $100 per month gets you and three friends or family members unlimited LTE data with no data caps, as well as unlimited talk and messaging. Plus, no credit check is needed to sign up for MetroPCS's stellar family deal, so you never need to worry about being turned down for service or charged extra due to less-than-great credit.

Sprint is offering a similar deal as MetroPCS, with four lines of service with unlimited talk/text/data, but is also throwing in a fifth line of service for free when you switch to Sprint and sign up for the first four lines of service. Custsomers can also take advantage of free activation when calling to order or ordering online, saving as much as $30 on new service through Sprint. In addition, Sprint customers will enjoy HD streaming video and 10 GB of Mobile Hotspot included in their plan for no additional charge.

Finally, Total Wireless is offering four lines of service for $100 per month. The plan includes four lines of service with unlimited text and talk along with 25 GB of shared data between four lines. Total Wireless plans are prepaid, no-contract plans, so you can cancel anytime you like without penalty. Service plans can be refilled every 30 days, and if you opt for auto-refill, you'll save another $5.00 per month. Users can easily add more data throughout the month, and there are no credit checks or activation fees when signing up for service.

No matter which family plan you choose, you're sure to enjoy great service on some of the top wireless networks in the country, as well as significant savings that can help make your monthy cell phone bill more manageable. Sign up for your family plan today to start saving!