K-Cups can be expensive, so finding great deals for your morning coffee, cocoa, and lattes, can be a challenge. After purchasing your Keurig, your next task is to research your favorite coffee brands to see if they sell K-Cups. By 2019, a majority of coffee companies sell their grinds in K-Cups. To make it easy for you to find your favorite coffees, and save money, here are three places where you can find K-Cups at incredible prices.

HomeGoods, TJ-Maxx and Marshalls all carry K-Cups in their "food" departments. The retail chain is known for their discount prices of anywhere from fifteen to fifty percent off "regular retail" price. You can find Gloria Jean's, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Green Mountain Coffee, and so many other brands. They offer a variety of box sizes, with anywhere from six to thirty K-Cups included. For a six pack of Starbuck's Mocha Latte, it is $5.99. You get six latte cups and six mocha and dehydrated dairy packets. At regular price, this box would be around $10, depending on where you buy it. At HomeGoods, you would only pay fifty cents per item in the box. At a store where it's priced $10 and over, you would pay a dollar per item! In total, you save close to five dollars on the same product. Depending on the type of coffee from these brands, you can get a thirty K-Cup pack for $24.99, while in other places you would pay $30-$50.

Walmart is known for their low prices, so it's not surprising that they would have good deals on K-Cups! Walmart carries brands like Gevalia, McCafe (McDonald's brand), Starbucks, Maxwell House, and Dunkin Donuts! For a 44 count of Dunkin Donut K-Cups, you will pay around $19.99. That's only forty-five cents per K-Cup! While Walmart carries the brands listed above, they also carry other brands, including Victor Allen, VitaCup, Folgers, and their own brand "Great Value". They, like most retailers, sell boxes from six count to thirty count and beyond!

Target offers competitive prices compared to Walmart for just about everything, including K-Cups. You can find brands like Archer Farms, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Folgers, Green Mountain, Swiss Miss, and so many more. They rival HomeGoods, TJ-Maxx, and Marshalls with their variety of K-Cups. They also rival them because the three sister companies don't get the same inventory constantly, making Target, and Walmart too, a more convenient option. For $11.99 you can get the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Caffe Latte kit. It includes nine drinks, so that means eighteen items! You get nine k-cups and nine dehydrated dairy flavor packets. That is sixty-seven cents per item. In comparison to HomeGoods, they are more expensive, however, HomeGoods and its sister companies do not have constant inventory. This means they might get the item in once, and then never again. Target has good prices, and even more convenience.

HomeGoods and its sister companies are the best stores to save money in. However, Target and Walmart offer good pricing, and constant inventory, making them more convenient to shop with. Shopping for K-Cups doesn't have to be a hassle! With this quick guide, you have three shops to save you money!