A personalized coffee mug makes a great gift for any time of year but packs an added punch during the holidays when cold weather makes most people want to curl up with a hot beverage. Whether your friends and family love java, cocoa or a bracing cup of tea, their drinking ritual can be added to through the use of a mug featuring a treasured family photo or a favorite saying. And you don't have to stick to the traditional when personalizing. A photo can be a family picture, but it can also be a personalized graphic, a landscape painting or a snapshot of a favorite celebrity. Custom printing can be a name, but it can also be an inside joke or express an abstract thought that makes the gift even more unique to the recipient.

Of the major personalizing companies, Vista Print provides a wide array of different style options for the mug itself. You can choose between two colors for the exterior of a traditional mug and eight interior colors. Other options include larger 15-ounce sizes and color-changing mugs that reveal a favored image as the temperature rises. The 11-ounce traditional mug starts at $10.50 and can be discounted as low as $6.09 when promotions are available. A custom inside color adds $2 to the price. The 15-ounce sizes starts at $16.80 and may be discounted as low as $10.08. The same upcharge for color customization applies. Standard text and photo customization is included in the price. The color-change mug starts at $18.48 and does not feature a custom-color option on the inside due to its construction, eliminating the possibility for an upcharge.

Shutterfly is the source for family photo customization, and the company features several custom mug options. A basic design, like a "pinned" frame photo on a mug or a collage start at $16.99 but may be discounted as low as $8.83 during promo periods with a coupon code. Free shipping discounts are also a frequent offering. A larger latte mug starts at $29.99, or $24.89 on sale, with basic customization while custom words and photo options with color-changing features start at $24.99 with a discount price range of $12.99. Choosing color options beyond a basic white adds a $2 upcharge. Personalization does not cost extra, and multiple photos are included on collage frame mug options. Shutterfly always has coupon codes, making it possible to watch the sales to get a mug for cheaper.

Walmart's mug options are also diversified when you are ready to customize with basic offerings like an 11-ounce mug starting at $4.99 on discount, $10.42 regular. Larger 15-ounce options range in price from $6.31 to $9.85 on sale and cost between $13.14 and $16.42 daily. Unique with Walmart is the ability to take your personalized coffee options on-the-road with a custom travel-ready thermos. A custom travel mug with handle starts at $15.42 at regular price and lowers to $10.79 on sale while a stainless steel tumbler starts at $13.42 or $10.74 on promotion. For a sleek classic thermos, expect to spend $29.99 at regular price and $20.99 when the 25-ounce thermos is on sale. Customization does not cost extra and tweaks like pick-your-own interior color are not an upcharge on classic mugs.