Smart home security products have increased in popularity over the past few years. Among the most popular are smart locks that secure your doors remotely while allowing you to access your home using a smartphone when you don't have your keys. Smart Locks also let you travel with better peace of mind. Lock your door from anywhere, even when you are miles and miles away from home. Another benefit of a smart lock is you can let friends, relatives, the dog walker, plumber, or cleaning crew into your home when you are away. In addition to adding their highly functional aspects, smart lock designs are sleek and stylish too. There are many amazing smart lock products on the market that offer all these qualities and features. Continue reading to learn more about the best available smart locks.

Functional and stylish, which does not look like a standard deadbolt, is the August Smart Lock Pro and Connect lock bundle. With a cost of around $190, this beautiful smart lock is a circular touchpad that includes a Connect Wi-Fi component, retrofitted August Smart Lock Pro, and a DoorSense sensor that opens and closes the door. This advanced lock is compatible with the Z-Wave wireless protocol and can be paired with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant while giving you remote access to lock and unlock your home when you are not there. Also, the lock features Door Sense which notifies you when the door is securely locked. Best of all, the bundle is simple to install (can be connected in about 10 minutes) and automatically locks behind you and unlocks as you approach, based on your mobile device location.

Featuring a keypad instead of a circular Wi-Fi-connected pad, the Yale SL Touchscreen Deadbolt is a small and stylish unit that looks beautiful on almost all doors and is available in three finishes. The newest deadbolt bundle can be yours for $299 and comes with the Connected by August Kit (DoorSense and Wi-Fi Module) which connects to the August app and is compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. There is another version that uses interchangeable modules for Z-Wave or Zigbee if you need to connect the lock to other smart home components. These additional parts cost $50. The Yale SL smart lock is programmable for up to 250 users and is easy to install with just a screwdriver, no new holes are needed.

Coming in at just under $225, the Schlage Encode does not have every functionality in the book but the design is gorgeous. While you are limited to 100 user codes and do not get Apple HomeKit compatibility, you don't need a Z-wave device or Zigbee hub, or any other Wi-Fi module to connect this lock to your smart home. The unit works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant using a link through each app. The Encode is also compatible with Amazon Key to be used for in-home Prime delivery. The keypad design can be purchased in traditional and modern styles with multiple finishes. With its unique Snap n Stay technology; the lock snaps the deadbolt directly into the door for easy installation with just a screwdriver.