Belts are the confluence of style and functionality. While they were originally invented to just hold up your pants, they have evolved over the years to be a stylish accessory on everything from a dress to a pair of old jeans. They can help bring a dose of personality to even the simplest items in your wardrobe. Belts can also make your body figure stand out to accompany your personal style. With so many women's belts on the market, it can be difficult to select the best affordable, stylish and versatile to fit the various items in your closet. If you need to amp up a neutral outfit, add a stylish accessory to biker's shorts or want to wow your friends at your next evening event, continue reading for some women's belts to help you accessorize.

Sturdy silver buckles that blend into the cowboy territory are very much in-style. The Isabel Marant Jigoo Woven Leather Belt is the perfect combination of style and durability. This belt adds a little yee-haw to every outfit with its Western-inspired silver hardware. While it is on the higher-end side, priced at $326, the Jigoo Belt resembles something Julia Roberts would have worn with a pair of Levi's while strutting through the airport during the '90s. With 90's fashion back in-style, the ribbed seashell-looking buckle with the silver-ribbed, pointed end piece fall brings back that retro look. Made with high-end Italian leather, this skinny, buckle-fastening black cow leather belt is sure to impress, even when just wearing a pair of standard jeans.

Brooks Brothers is a well-known brand offering high-quality products, including women's belts. The Brooks Brothers Leather Braided Belt offers versatility because they can be worse with pants with various rises. Considered to be the Swiss Army knife of belts, Brooks Brothers Leather Braided Belt also accommodates a wide range of waists and is an ideal choice for plus-size women. Available in black, brown, and burgundy, this belt can even be paired with bike shorts and stylish boots that will certainly scream modern chic. With a retail price of $178, the gold-tone buckle is the perfect accompaniment to the calfskin leather material, which is sourced from Italy. With skinny being the style once again, the belt is 1/4 inch wide and offered in sizes from 30 to 44.

With animal prints coming back in style, the Maryam Nassir Zadeh Black-and-White Vaquero Belt was launched right on cue. This designer's skinny zebra-print belt works as a punchy flair accessory but still features a neutral color scheme to work with any ensemble. The Maryam Nassir Zadeh brand offers products at the upper end of the price spectrum but there is a reason. In addition to this belt being constructed from high-quality leather out of Italy, it has also been noticed decorating the waists of almost every fashion influencer. With a price tag of $225, the Black-and-White Vaquero Belt offers an adjustable pin-buckle fastening with matching zebra print hardware that is sure to dazzle and be a centerpiece of conversation at your next cocktail party.

With so many women's belt options, it can be difficult to find the best option for your wardrobe. You want to combine functionality, style, and detail into your selection while considering the purpose of the belt. Consider a few belts you want and start looking at various styles today!