Among the classic films from John Hughes, the 80s also saw some really awful films that most have probably forgotten about. That doesn't necessarily mean they were horrible concepts and that they didn't have a lot of true potential. These days, remakes are increasingly popular ideas in Hollywood, and when they choose to remake something they usually pick out one of the classics. How about something different? How about remaking something horrible into something great, instead of remaking something good that doesn't need it? We know of some horrifically bad 80's movies that could be use a serious reboot, and maybe become something people actually want to watch. Here are 8 of the worst 80's movies that should be rebooted!

8. Dirty Dancing

No disrespect to the late Patrick Swayze but Dirty Dancing was one of the worst films of the 80's, with its cheesy dialogue and a formulaic script. Roger Ebert gave the film one star due to its predictable story and unlikeable characters. With the popularity of dance shows, we think a remake could be quite a hit with a few changes. There had been talks in recent years of a remake finally coming to pass, but it's yet to see the light of day.

7. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This film about aliens resembling clowns and harvesting humans did okay at the box office, and it's a terribly ridiculous idea, but it still has a lot of potential. We're thinking a remake starring Michael Cera and James Franco maybe. It could be a heck of a lot funnier and ten times more gruesome and people would love it. And everyone hates clowns so it would be plenty scary with modern special effects.

6. Masters of the Universe

It's easily one of the worst movies of the 80's based on the Mattel line of action figures. But aMasters of the Universe remake with humor similar to Guardians of the Galaxy and starring someone like Chris Hemsworth could surely bring in a crowd and maybe win critics hearts with the right script. And Skeletor could be really scary, so make it happen, Hollywood!

5. Children of the Corn

They play it on TV every year around Halloween time, so you've probably seen it by now. The film about children ritually murdering adults, based on Stephen King's short story isn't particularly scary and isn't especially good either. It's been made for television in recent years, but hasn't seen the big screen. With a script more faithful to the story and the right director, maybe a remake could become the classic.

4. Cannibal Apocalypse

The movie about Vietnam vets that bring back a virus that turns people into cannibals could be remade to feature a disease from Africa or the Middle East. And with the current success of zombie films and shows there is no doubt people would enjoy the sight of humans eating each other. Maybe it would need a title adjustment though.

3. Grease 2

Based off the classic first film starring John Travolta, the sequel was plain awful and didn't have the magic of the first one, nor the same stars. Now we aren't suggesting bringing a middle age Travolta for a sequel remake, but maybe a new story with Zac Efron. With the success of Glee and High School Musical, the money would come pouring in.

2. Silver Bullet

Thanks to werewolves like Jacob from Twilight, people are forgetting werewolves are supposed to be scary. Based on Stephen King's Silver Bullet, the 80's film contained many deviations from the novella and was cheesy more than scary;time to do it right.

1. Cobra

In 1986, Sylvester Stallone became Cobra, a no-nonsense police officer that takes down criminals with his iron fist. With a little humor and a serious actor like Ryan Gosling maybe the Zombie Squad could be something fil-goers can finally embrace.